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Holland Rose’s pure Sacha Inchi, Noni, and Pomegranate Seed Oil super-charges your skincare routine.
The active components within this oil reinforce the lipid matrix of your epidermis, and the high levels of essential fatty acids repair the skin by integrating within the cell wall itself.
By repairing the integrity of your skin barrier at the cellular level, our oil locks in hydration, resulting in enhanced moisture balance for healthier, glowing skin.
Our lightweight oil absorbs quickly into the skin, where its naturally active components boost microcirculation of dermal capillaries, improving blood flow to the surface of your skin.


Sacha Inchi, Noni, and Pomegranate Seed OilMelon Facial Oil benefits all skin types
The high levels of skin-native essential fatty acids within this oil repair and protect your skin barrier at the cellular level, improving skin resilience against external irritants and pollution.

Calculate your collagen

After the age of 25, our bodies start to lose 1.5% collagen every year. Discover what your collagen levels might be (without supplementation) and learn how taking an Ingenious supplement can change things.